Thursday, 20 October 2016

Babies, kids and dogs

Creating a safe and harmonious relationship

New from Hubble & Hattie this month is this wonderful blend of science, compassion and respect, from Melissa Fallon and Vicki Davenport, a must-have for anyone with kids and dogs.

As with adults, children and dogs alike benefit greatly both mentally and physically, from living together, if carefully managed. Babies, kids and dogs will help you to develop lifelong friendships and skills, by providing guidance on creating safe relationships between your dogs and your children.
Despite its modest 96 pages, the book is absolutely packed with essential information and guidance on how to develop the very best relationship between children and dogs. It provides step-by-step exercises to prepare dogs to be around babies and children, helps manage first interactions, teaches children how to behave appropriately around dogs, and encourages positive relationships.

Champ & Charlie help engage younger children.
Included within are instructional colour photographs, tables to assist with assessing and training your dog, and step-by-step exercises. Educational 'Champ and Charlie' illustrations help engage the interest of young children, in order to teach them about behaving appropriately when interacting with their canine friends. Throughout, you'll find suggestions for ways to promote safe interactions, and develop lifelong friendships.

This really is an important book, whether or not you already have a dog and children in the house.

Babies, kids and dogs

Creating a safe and harmonious relationship

With information and guidance on how to develop a safe and harmonious relationship between children and dogs, this book contains step-by-step exercises to prepare dogs to be around babies and children, help manage first interactions, teach children how to behave appropriately around dogs, and encourage positive relationships.

• Kindly and easily train your dog to behave well, and be safe around babies and children
• Help your children learn how to behave appropriately around dogs
• Guidance on promoting positive, safe and harmonious interactions
• Step-by-step exercises to prepare your dog for living with babies and children
• Educational illustrations that will interest and engage children
• Specially-commissioned colour photographs assist with training
• Developing an understanding of bite prevention
• Developing lifelong skills around animals
• By authors who are canine trainers, behaviourists – and parents!
• Written with your dog’s welfare very much in mind

HH4890 • Paperback • 20.5x20.5cm • £13.99 • 96 pages • 108 colour pictures
ISBN: 978-1-845848-90-3 • UPC: 6-36847-04890-7

Babies, kids and dogs is available directly from Hubble & Hattie, or from all good vendors

Tuesday, 18 October 2016


Can't be bothered to read a proper book about dogs?
Then this is for you!

Let's face it, there are lots and lots of amazing animal books out there (and we should know), but, sometimes, reading is just too much trouble. Hubble & Hattie has teamed up with Scrabble, owner of human Mike Dicks, to make a book especially for those moments when words are a little too … uh … wordy.

Thanks to my hobbies, I'm used to reading books with some very strange words (Chlorophyllum rhacodes, anyone? Or would you prefer Neocallimastigomycota?), but, sometimes, it's just too much for me to take in. At times like these, I like to pick up a book that's a little easier to digest … and just the thing is coming to Hubble & Hattie soon …


A guide to training your new Human

Mike&Scrabble is best described as a simple picture book for people who can't be bothered to read a proper book about dogs. It's a picture book for adults: a funny, sometimes melancholy, and – occasionally – accurate guide to understanding the relationship between a dog, and her human pet.

The book began life as a series of illustrations, originally created as a therapeutic exercise, when Mike suddenly became a dog owner one January. A funny look at pet ownership from the perspective of the dog, Mike&Scrabble already have a loyal and growing following on social media. 

We can't wait to see the book in print, but, until then, checkout Mike talking about the book, below.

… and make sure you checkout Mike&Scrabble on Facebook and Twitter for some sage advice for your dog on human ownership, and read all about the book over at Hubble & Hattie … and if that's not enough, we will be releasing a special eBook version, complete with animations and sound effects!


A guide to training your new Human

Monday, 17 October 2016

Oldies Club

Helping old dogs find loving homes

As regular visitors to our blog will know, we like to shine a spotlight on the great work that is being done by organisations worldwide to help animals in need. You’ll also know we love older dogs, so, in this post, we turn our attention to the Oldies Club, Warrington. 

As the name suggests, Oldies Club helps to find homes for older dogs, and has been steadfastly helping our older canine friends since 2005. We asked Amy at Oldies Club to tell us a little about how they came to be, and the great work they do … take it away, Amy …

"The Oldies Club is a dog rescue, run solely by volunteers, that specialises in rescuing and rehoming older dogs – aged 7 years plus.We first came into existence in the spring of 2005, and in March 2007 the Oldies Club proudly became Registered Charity number 1118246.

"The Oldies Club rescue grew from an initial idea on an internet dog chat forum by a group of people who felt great empathy with the plight of elderly dogs who find themselves homeless.

Sasha … the lead and collar says it all! Can you help her find a home?
"The initial inspiration behind the idea was a 13-year-old Collie we called Ted. Ted was blind in one eye and was terrified in the noisy, stark pound environment. He had to stay in kennels as a stray for 7 days but when no owner came forward to claim him, steps were taken to get Ted into a domestic situation immediately. Once in a foster home Ted thrived: the skinny, dull-coated, nervous boy became a healthy, active and rejuvenated character and a star of the internet.

"We do not have kennels or a central base as, rather than placing our dogs in kennels, we prefer to care for them in a normal home environment. We therefore use foster homes.

"Our foster homes are spread around the country, and each of them has been carefully checked. Before we place a dog in a foster home, we try, as far as possible, to ensure that we know the likes, dislikes and needs of the dog to ensure the foster home is one he or she will be happy in.

Trixie is another Oldies Club member looking for a home.
"Since its creation, Oldies Club has rehomed nearly 800 older dogs, and given sanctuary to many more who were too poorly to rehome. The latter are known as our sponsor dogs and remain in Oldies Club care for the rest of their days as part of their fosterer's family. They receive all the medical care they need and all the love they could ask for.

"Being a non-profit & 100% voluntary charity we are very grateful to our wonderful supporters who donate their time & resources into helping older dogs in need."

We think Oldies Club is doing an amazing job. As Amy says, it's a non-profit organisation, and as a voluntary charity, it needs all the help it can to give these wonderful older dogs a new home.
Patch – one of Oldies Club's current sponsor dogs.
With a nationwide network of dedicated foster carers throughout Britain, you can help wherever you are in the UK – whether it's rehoming or fostering, or helping with fundraising. To find out the many ways you can help, visit the Oldies Club website …

or get social on Facebook and Twitter …

Head on over to see all the ways that Oldies Club is helping our older canine friends, and learn how you can help!

Do you have an older dog? We have some titles that may help you and your canine companion …

Subaru Loves Pets

A refreshing approach from an automotive giant

Auto company Subaru will be familiar to many people. Producing vehicles since the early 1950s, its rallying exploits have given it legendary status in the motorsports arena, and its cars have acquired a very apt nickname, for us animal lovers: Scoobies! Well, it just so happens that Scooby Doo … sorry, Subaru … also loves pets, just like us. Over half of all Subaru drivers are also pet owners, and, this month, Subaru America launched its 'Subaru Loves Pets' initiative.

Subaru Loves Pets is part of its 'Love Promise' programme, a commitment to safety that includes ensuring drivers and pedestrians are safe through in-vehicle safety, and minimising environmental impact with eco-centred technology. Of course, Subaru also recognises that pets deserve the care, respect, and help of companies such as itself … after all, they're part of the family, too.

Working with a number of partners, including local animal organisations, retailers, pet equipment manufacturers, and pilots, Subaru is doing its best to help animals in need across the US. Why not take a few minutes to read about all of the fantastic efforts that Subaru and its partners are making to help spread a little more 'animal magic' …

Subaru of America celebrates its love of pets during October "Subaru Loves Pets" initiative

Throughout October, Subaru works with several partners to help improve the safety and wellbeing of pets in need

Cherry Hill, N.J. -  This October, Subaru of America, Inc. has once again kicked off its “Subaru Loves Pets” initiative as part of the brand’s Love Promise platform. More than half of Subaru drivers are also pet owners, and the automaker remains committed to keeping the entire family safe, including beloved pets. As part of this commitment to animal welfare, Subaru retailers across the country will activate several programs that will help animals in need.

Pet Supply Drive

In celebration of “Subaru Loves Pets”, Subaru retailers across the nation will work hand-in-hand with local animal organizations to host pet supply drives in order to help support animals who lack the necessary materials to live healthy and happy lives. As a team, the retailer and local animal organizations will collect critical items, such as pet food and treats, toys, dog beds, grooming supplies, collars, harnesses, leashes, and more, to give to animals in need and in turn, increase their overall chances of adoption. Throughout October, Subaru encourages customers to visit their local retailer and snap a photo with their furry friend with a fun pet-friendly photo frame, or sign up to volunteer at a local animal organization. As a token of appreciation, Subaru retailers will gift those who donate an all-new 2017 Impreza dog toy, while supplies last. For more information on how you can help pets in your area, please visit your local Subaru retailer to find out how you can get involved.

Pilots N Paws

As part of its longstanding partnership with Pilots N Paws, an organization devoted to rescuing thousands of shelter animals surrendered in the United States, Subaru has once again supported its annual flyway mission, during which pilots transport at-risk animals from kill shelters to no-kill shelters, foster care and new pet parents. During this year’s rescue mission, which took place on October 1st in Kennesaw, GA, the automaker assisted with ground transportation, food and accommodations for pilots, as well as travel kits for the rescued animals’ journey to safety. With the help of 40 pilots and 40 planes, the mission successfully transported over 220 dogs and cats to safe havens and loving homes. For more information about Pilots N Paws and to volunteer for a future event, visit

Pet Philanthropy Circle – 2016 Pet Hero Awards 

For the fifth consecutive year, Subaru will partner with The Pet Philanthropy Circle and support its mission to improve animals’ quality of life, by generating greater public awareness around their welfare during the annual Pet Hero Awards. Subaru has been the exclusive vehicle of the organization since its inaugural year, and will sponsor the 5th annual Pet Philanthropy Pet Hero Awards on October 7th in New York City. The Pet Hero Awards celebrate individuals, associations, professionals, pets and business organizations that demonstrate a commitment to improving and protecting animals’ lives. To learn more about the Pet Heroes Awards, purchase tickets or view this year’s award recipients, visit

“Subaru Loves Pets is all about showing our pets the love that they show us each and every day,” said Thomas J. Doll, President and COO of Subaru of America, Inc. “We are very pleased to partner with organizations like Pilots N Paws, The Pet Philanthropy Circle and many local animal welfare groups, to help improve the health and well-being of animals across the country, and help them to find new homes.”

For information about Subaru Loves Pets and to find out more about the partners that Subaru supports, visit

So, as you can see, Subaru really is doing its bit for animal welfare. Hopefully, it won't be the only company to realise the importance of pets and animals … WELL DONE SUBARU!

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

VIDEO: Worzel Wooface – The quite very actual Terribibble Twos (Trailer)

The world's actual favourite literary lurcher is back! Check out our new Facebook video trailer.

NEW! Worzel Wooface – The quite very actual Terribibble Twos by Catherine Pickles.

Things look like they just might be settling down for Worzel. After a year in his forever home, he's come to an almost peaceful truce with most of the cats, persuaded his Mum and Dad that ‘sit’ isn't essential, and – most importantly – established his place in the middle of the bed.

No longer a cautious puppy, Worzel has discovered an independent streak, and his somewhat dodgy recall has become non-existent. Worzel has reached the ‘terribibble teenage twos’ – that time in every dog's life when their owners wonder if the work, patience and dedication spent in the early days was pointless … and why everything their dog previously understood has suddenly become, at best, optional, but, more often, ignored! More info.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Worzel – Dogs Today's latest cover star!

Worzel Wooface is the literary Lurcher who needs no introduction to Hubble & Hattie followers, or readers of doggy magazines – Dogs Today and Dogs Monthly magazines awarded him the Dogfest 2016 Hero Award! Now he's been honoured again as the cover star of Dogs Today's October issuer!

Yes – all at Dogs Today have been, in their own words, "Wooed by Worzel." 

They're only hoomans, after all. 

Covering how Worzel's first book, The quite very actual adventures of Worzel Wooface, came to be, Dogs Today caught-up with Worzel (and his mum, Catherine Pickles) to find out how he became such a literary star, and how the second book, Worzel Wooface – The quite very actual Terribibble Twos, came about.

It's a great article, and a brilliant peek into Worzel and Catherine's wordy world. We're all waiting eagerly for our copies to arrive. There may even be a few framed covers appearing on the walls at Hubble & Hattie HQ. But then, who could resist such a luffy boykin?

You can get the October issue of Dogs Today from all good newsagents, or you head over to the brilliant Dogs Today website and order a copy … you can even get it through one of those new-fangled iPad things.

Worzel's latest exploits are always on Facebook …and Twitter … 

… and you can get copies of Worzel's books on the Hubble & Hattie website: click on the covers below …

Monday, 22 August 2016

An interview with Kathie Gregory

Kathie Gregory is a qualified animal behaviourist and trainer and has worked in the industry since 2001. Passionate about raising standards and awareness in how we teach and work with animals, she encourages everyone to use the best methods available. We caught up with Kathie for an interview, to find out a little more ...

How did the book come about?

KG: I was so thrilled to own horses for the first time that I kept a diary documenting their progress.
When meeting Charlie and Star, people commented that they were not typical of the reactive Thoroughbreds they knew, and how lovely to see chilled, content horses. They could see what a difference I'd made, and said that others would be interested in my methods and how I achieved what I had. Of course, that got me thinking. I realised I had the bones of a book already in place by charting their progress, so after discussing it with my husband I began the process of writing A Tale of Two Horses.

Can you explain the concept of free will teaching?

KG: Yes. It focuses on advanced cognition and emotional intelligence. By enhancing an animal’s cognitive abilities and awareness of self, he is able to make decisions and choices for himself. I then teach him how to manage his emotional responses, so he can regulate his emotions, enabling a balanced response to whatever situation he finds himself in. It gives him the autonomy to think and behave freely, and I can trust that he will behave appropriately for the situation with little, if any, guidance from me.

How do you use free will teaching in day-to-day interaction with Charlie & Star?

KG: Free will teaching is a way of life, so it is used in every single decision and action. My mindset, body language, and speech are all part of free will teaching. How I approach managing the horses’ environment, teach them, respond and adjust during our conversations every day, are part of the whole concept.

What are the main benefits for the animal(s)/people of FWT?

KG: The list is huge, but I'll keep it to a few key benefits!
*You don't have to put time aside to do specific exercises: free will teaching is not something you train; it informs your approach to everything you do, whether working directly with your horse or attending to management and husbandry issues. This means you are using it all the time and it naturally progresses and develops the mind.
*Safety and reliability is a huge issue when working with animals as large and strong as horses. Problems occur when horses cannot control their emotional response; FWT shows them how to manage their emotional mind so they can cope with situations without going into a blind panic and acting on instinct. They are capable of controlling their reaction to assess the situation and give an appropriate response, unless, of course, they genuinely do feel threatened. The point is they learn to be in control of their mind to make that distinction.
*Every part of it is force-free, ethical, and with the best interests of the horse at heart. A contented, happy mindset free of fear and anxiety results in a well balanced horse who can achieve his full potential, and take you further than you thought possible.

Did you face any challenges with Charlie & Star? How did you overcome them?

KG: Yes, I did. During the first year, Star suffered an eye injury that required drops to be administered several times a day for over a week. Overcoming Star's reluctance for me to do this took a little time and patience. I worked on getting closer to her eye in small steps that she could cope with. When she was not comfortable I moved away and we started again. After a couple of days the procedure was down to a fine art. Star stood with her eye open, and I put in the drops: it took about 3 seconds.
I also had a challenge with Charlie. He applied active defence strategies when he realised he had a voice and a choice. It resulted in a strong offensive of biting and rearing to let me know he was not going to do anything asked of him. This outcome is anticipated and expected when an animal reclaims his ability to express himself and it is often a necessary part of rehabilitation. It was resolved by understanding the reasons for the behaviour and adjusting to defuse the situation and increase his sense of safety, rather than try to combat and suppress his actions.

Do you work with dogs as well as horses? Any other animals?

KG: Yes, I work with dogs, too. I have many clients around North Devon teaching their dogs language, choice and decision-making, with great success. I occasionally work with cats, but concentrate mainly on horses and dogs.

What can people find on your new website? When will it launch?

KG: I'm really excited about the new website. It has the concepts of FWT and more detailed information about what I do. My blog is now included in the website, so you can catch up with Charlie and Star, and meet my puppies, Wolfie and Remy. Look at the Courses page for more details of my book A Tale of Two Horses, along with the workshops and seminars I teach. I also have a new course in the pipeline, so keep checking in for updates and news. My website is about to be launched, so there is a good chance it will be live by the time this newsletter goes to print.

Find out more in Kathie Gregory's book A tale of two horses – A passion for free-will teaching, available now!

Two horses with behavioural problems embark on a rehabilitation programme using only positive, reward based methods, developing into self confident, well balanced horses. Woven throughout is the story of their owner’s life on a rural farm, and insights into her work with dogs, cats and other species as an animal behaviourist.

Create a true partnership with your horse! More info.